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Wireless Smoke Detector

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Wireless Smoke Detector (ZENESIS WSD-V1)

│ Description │

ZENESIS Wireless Fire Detector does not require cables or labor to configure the fire alarm system.
The RF module, separated for RF reliability, transmits a fire signal fed from a fire sensor to another ZENESIS wireless system wirelessly, and the fire alarms of all wireless detectors, which are installed in the group, goes off simultaneously to help people evacuate and put out the fire in its early stage.
The low-power circuit design and built-in lithium battery guarantee a long life and the Mesh Network communication system enables the interlocking of alarm using another device even if there is a breakdown in wireless devices. It is compatible with the existing fire protection system because of its convenient expandability.
It has a voice and visual alarm as well as a fire alarm for noisy areas, nighttime, the elderly and the weak, as well as the hearing-impaired people. It also enables people to recognize the fire alarm more clearly.

│ Specifications │

*Type : Photoelectric type 2, Normal type, and Restorable type
*Power : DC3V Lithium CR17450*2
*Current consumption : 30~40uA
*Sound : 90dB(1M)
*RF module : 447Mhz, 10dbm, 2GFSK
*RF distance : 50M(AIR)
*Service environment : -10~50, 85%
*Battery life: 10 years(Wireless 5years)
*Material : PC/ABS, White
*Size : 110*45mm, 110*65*45mm<
*Interlocking : ZENESIS SERIES