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Emergency Lantern

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Emergency Lantern (ZPEL-911)

│ Description │

This is a very crucial exit system to save people's lives by helping evacuate them safely during a fire or blackout. There are a few people who know exactly where an emergency flashlight is located.
Are you sure that you can find it during such ur gent situations where every minute counts? If you have found it, are you sure that the flashlight wirks well?
We cannot compromise our livers like that! We have only one life! The only aim of ZPEl-911 is to protect your life. Portable emergency lighting

│ Specifications │

*Model : ZPEL-911
*Color : lvory
*Sustained power-on hours : 24 hours or above at 50 lux
*Samp specifications : High-intensity LED*7
*Lamp life : 50000 hours
*Power supply : AA1.5V*4
*Weight(battery excluded) : 180g
*Operating voltage : 6V
*Operating current : 180mA
*Material : non-flammable PC
*Battery life : 5 years or more
*Size : H230 * W70
*Domestic and overseas certification : CE, KFI

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Emergency Lantern

Emergency Lantern